Extreme Cold Temperatures Expected to Last Through Saturday Night 1/30/21

New York health officials are warning residents to be on guard for dangerous conditions.

5 tips for you to be prepared for this extremely cold weather:

1. If you go out and stay outside for a certain time period, dress properly with layers and keep skin covered with hats, gloves and scarfs.

2. This kind of cold can lead to frostbite. Look for red and painful or pale skin, and stay alert for hypothermia with signs of intense shivering or dizziness.

3. If you use an electric heater at home, plug it directly into the wall.

4. Open your faucets to a steady drip so pipes do not freeze, since moving water can't freeze.

5. This extreme cold temperature can put a strain on your heart. Keep this in mind if you are doing any strenuous activity outside over the next few days.

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